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Sunday, November 16th, 2003

Subject:I was wandering around our message board earlier....
Posted by:davidpelletier.
Time:7:14 pm.
Mood: amused.
Some people really amuse me.

Has anyone ever met jamie and david?? Like, gottentheir autograph or talked to them or anything??

No of course not, we've never met any of our fans, and what's an autograph?!

Okay, so maybe that wasn't as amusing to you as it was to me.

I love you Jamie.

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Friday, June 20th, 2003

Subject:Paging Dr. Carter...
Posted by:forsyth.
Time:10:37 pm.
I've never posted in here even though I'm pretty damn amusing so here goes. Last night I found myself in the emergency room of a hospital in Detroit with my ex-girlfriend, her current boyfriend who also happens to be my roommate/best friend, and my skating partner. We were there because somehow my ex had bitten her boyfriend's tongue in a fit of passion and he was bleeding like a stuck pig. Somehow I ended up driving to the hospital and I'm still not sure how that happened to be honest.

Well we ended up in an exam room together...all four of us and Emilie and I started checking out the equipment. I found this one thing that looked like something out of a torture chamber and started opening and closing it. Emilie asked me if I knew what it was and I said no and she told me it was a speculum and then she told me what it was used for. Dude! I threw it away really fast just as the doctor came in. He gave me a really dirty look and tossed us out. The last thing I heard was Ben yelling "Stithces!" Best he could do I guess.

So Emilie and I decided to see if we could find some food but first I dared her to go up to the desk and ask them to page Dr. Carter. (He's the only character on ER that I know) Told her I'd give her a buck to do it and she did. Psh..how were we supposed to know they really had a Dr. Carter there? After the security gaurd let us go...Emilie wanted to find the morgue so I said why not. We ended up in the basement and we found the morgue but it was locked. She tried to get me to jimmy the door open with a credit card but I said no way. Dude! There were dead people in there! We heard someone coming and since we figured that security already had an APB out on us, we got the hell out of there.

After a few wrong turns we found our way back to the ER where Ben was ready to go and Jamie was pooed because she couldn't find us. Ben had stitches and was whacked out on pain meds and singing something that sounded like "I'm A Little Teapot". We took Emilie and Jamie home and then went back to the apartment and Ben sat around and listened to weird music and talked to himself the rest of the night. It was great. I'll be selling the video on ebay if anyone wants one. ;)
Hope I amused you,
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Posted by:jenrobinson.
Time:4:28 pm.
Mood: amused.
No one's posted something in this community in so long that I've decided to do so. Yes well I'm bored and I'm in a good mood so I shall tell you a little funny story.

Ok this was way back in the day when Shane and I first started going out. My parents came down to Barrie with Jason because it had been ages since we last saw each other and they were pretty upset that I was spending all my time with this guy and not going to Windsor to see them. Well I got all excited because my parents were finally going to meet the guy I wanted to marry. (yes I knew I wanted to marry Shane a few weeks after getting to know him. He just didn't know it himself) When I told this to Shane, he was a little hesitant to meet my family but I did end up convincing him because this meant so much to me.

So the evening came and Shane and I had to go pick up my parents and my brother at a hotel in town. The moment we walked into the lobby, things started to go bad. Jason was there flirting with some girl, he spotted me and ran to wards me at high speed. I got scared because Jason is twice the size of me so I hid behind Shane. Well lets just say Shane got his first family tackling that day. My parents came down and saw their son on top of another man. All I can say is that they weren't too impressed. The drive there was very silent and uncomfortable. Shane kept looking at me and I could see the fear in his eyes. For a moment there, I thought he was going to pass out.

We stopped for dinner at this lovely little french cafe where Shane took me on our first date. So we found a table and I sat down next to my mother, thinking Shane would sit next t me. But Jason interfered and sat next to me. I was so surprised but all I could do is look at Shane and try to reassure him everything was going to be ok. He sat next to my brother and my father and he did look intimidated. We ordered our meals and began talking about everything. But everytime Shane tried to say something, my father or my brother would just give him a look and he would just stop. So now my father and brother new they had all the power so they would just look at him and it would scare him right out.

We skipped dessert because I knew Shane wanted to leave but I was afraid that now he met my crazy brother and father that he would want nothing to do with me ever again. So that's when I got a great idea. Start a hockey conversation! And that's when Shane stated his love for the game. This time no one gave Shane an evil look. They actually wanted to hear more. It was fantastic. As we drove my family back to their hotel, I quietly asked Jason and my father what they thought of Shane. In a loud voice my dad said "He's rough around the edges but since he likes hockey, we'll have to accept him as a member of our family." So of course Shane heard that and got scared. Why did he get scared, because he didn't really want to be apart of my crazy family. After all we had only been a couple for a few weeks. Shane didn't say anything after that. He just got in the car and waited for me.
When I went to join him he said: "There is no way I'm ever getting together with your father and your brother ever again!!!"

Yes this is the story that amuses me everytime I think about it. Shane now loves my father and Jason. I almost have to drag him out of the house when we have to go back to Barrie. Well I hope you enjoyed this story.

Luv Jen and Victoria
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Sunday, June 1st, 2003

Posted by:michelle_kwan.
Time:8:21 pm.
Mood: giddy.
For those who do not know me, I am Michelle Kwan. After hearing that, you should know me now. ;)

Anyway so I'm posting to MBA. I guess I should tell a funny story, eh? Here goes.

There was this guy in his kitchen with his wife standing by. I was watching from across the window from our condo. First he spread the legs. His wife's eyes widened in amazedment at how far he could spread the legs. Then he inserted a hand inside and felt for the soft thingies inside. He pulled it out. She smiled again. Then he stuffed it in. She was amazed at how much of it he could stuff inside.

"You're the best, honey," the wife said to her husband.

Isn't it great when your boyfriends or husbands STUFF A TURKEY for ya? ;)
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Saturday, April 19th, 2003

Posted by:davidpelletier.
Time:9:14 pm.
Mood: amused.
I told Jen I would type this up when I have time, and well guess what? I have time;) As if you didn't notice. I've also had a few cups of coffeeO:-) Okay onto my story.

It's from yesturday in Walmart with Shane. I told you in my journal last night that he was a Walmart "miscieve" Virgin, so I had to teach him the in's and out's of doing it the right way. If you've never read the 50 fun things to do in Walmart list you should.It's really amusing, and the inspiration for a lot of our mischieve. I like the one where it says fill up carts and leave them in random places. You wouldn't imagine the type of looks you get when you have a cart in lingerie and the only thing in it is a bunch of Condoms. You get even more weird looks when the people who own the cart (Shane and Myself) are standing next to it comparing our different finds in that section. A couple of sales people asked us if we needed any help, but we told them we could tell for our self which lingerie was sexy and which wasn't;) It was so hard not to bust out laughing. We threw some lingerie in the cart and left it there while we headed over to the hunting section. Shane asked if he could ave a closer look at one of the guns, so the guy got it out of the case and when he gave it too Shane he turned and asked if I had his anti-depressants. I gave him a blank look and said I didn't. It was amazing how fast the clerk snatched that gun back. Geez it's not like they leave the thing loaded. Shane turned and started crying, and I acted all mad and looked at the guy and said "see what you did" then I grabbed Shane and walked off. After that we went back to the lingerie section anf found out they had taken our cart and put everything away that was in it. We found the person and complained that we were in a hurry and needed that stuff. she looked at us weird and helped us find everything that was in the cart before. We explained that it was for our girlfriends and we were planning "hot" dates for our anniversaries that night and we needed to get condoms, so we figured we'd get some lingerie while we were at it. It would have been even funnier except Shane started laughing in the middle of my story. She asked if we were done shopping, and I guess Shane had had enough because before I could say anything, he told her we were, so I'm the proud owner of some sexy red lingerie;) Oh and some condoms. *passes them out* safe sex is the best sex;) We left, and went back to the hotel, and that's it. I wonder what Jen thought when Shane came back with a bag of condoms and lingerie. I sware i'm not a bad person Jen, we were just having fun;)

I love you forever Jamie.

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003

Subject:I shouldn't use my wedding icon for this one
Posted by:shanedennison.
Time:8:34 pm.
Mood: devious.
Dave told me to give you all a funny story and since Jae and Dave's wedding is comming up, I thought I should tell you all a wedding story! Wow that sounds like a TLC program Jen watches all the time.

Ok so this story take place about 7 months ago. I'll give you all a specific date if I can remember one....ummmm September *looks at wedding ring* 21!!!! September 21, 2002! My...ummmm I mean Mine and Jen's wedding day. I was at the front of the church acting all nervous because I was spending the rest of my life with someone. Don't get me wrong I'm very happy! Now Jason and Michelle were first to walk down the aisle. They looked adorable together. When Jason got about a foot from me and he just gave me a smirk saying you hurt my sister I'll kick your butt. I just smiled back. Then I got a cramp in my foot and extended my foot to uncramp it when Jason decided to walk past me. He ended up tripping on my foot and falling flat on his face. He even cut his nose on something. Everyone laughed...but I felt bad. I look up and I see Dave who was standing about where Jason was first sanding and he smiled at me. I still think Dave thinks I did it on purpose. After the rest of the wedding party walked down the aisle, it was Jen's turn. When she got to me looked at Dave who was trying to hard not laugh, looked at Jason who had blood on his nose and looked at me with my guilty look on my face. She just gave Dave and eville look and the ceremony went on. After the wedding Jen asked me what happened and I told her. She wasn't mad but she told me to keep my feet under my body. SO that's why Jen keeps telling me not to trip anyone at Jae and Dave's wedding. *laughs* I promise, my feet won't cramp up!
Well CSOI is about to start. Dave has a headache and it sounds pretty bad. I'm going to check up on him and see if I can do anything. Jen told me not to give him advil because he's had enough already.
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Tuesday, April 15th, 2003

Subject:Adventures with Shane and Dave
Posted by:davidpelletier.
Time:6:56 pm.
Mood: devious.
Back in '97 when we were both at Nationals Shane and I ended up rooming together. I had known Shane for a few years before this, but it was the first time we had ever really talked.

We both had... not really bad partners, but partners that we weren't going anywhere with. I pretty much knew after Canadians was over that year Allison and I wouldn't skate together anymore, and I was a little depressed about that. Shane was skating with Marie and they hadn't done well at any competition that season, so they both pretty much knew that their partnership would be over after Canadians.

They weren't a skating match made in heaven either. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone fight as much as they did, so Shane and I were throwing a little party in our room after the pairs free skate was over. A party in the sense that we ordered pizza (which all skaters know is a very rare treat during the season), and watched T.V. almost all night.

Around midnight we turned the T.V. and got talking about Marie. Shane all of a sudden got the idea to call and get a hooker for her. I'm not kidding. Little innocent Shane wanted to call a hooker for his partner. At first I didn't think it was a good idea, but he got the phone book and started looking for one. I doubt many of you have ever looked in a phone book for hookers, but some of the adds were hysterical. I decided to go along with it, and we chose a guy who "brought the party to your door dressed however you want." Don't ask why I remember that. Somethings just stick in your head. Anyways, Shane called the guy up and gave him the address and room number, and told him that he (actually he was using his best girl voice, so the guy wasn't too scared;) wanted him to dress like a pizza boy. After he got off the phone he called Marie, just to see if she was still up, which she was. Her room was right across the hall from ours. She was rooming with Allison. How nifty was that? I knew that Allison wasn't there, and that is the only reason I agreed.

We talked some more until we heard a knock on the door across the hall. We both rushed to the little hole on the door to see what Marie would think of her Pizza. Let's just say that I don't think i've heard anyone cuss someone out so loud before in my life. I'm sure she could have waken the whole hotel up. Of course like concerned friends we ran across the hall to make sure everything was alright;) It was really hard to keep from laughing, so we left after a couple of hugs. Needless to say that was probably one of the funniest Canadians i've ever been too.

Okay well I better get going, Shane and I are alone, and we feel the need to cause more trouble;)

I miss you Jamie
Jen you better bring her home in one piece!
I love you forever babe.

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Monday, April 14th, 2003

Posted by:davidpelletier.
Time:11:46 pm.
Do you ever have those days when you are practicing and you trip over your toepick, or you fall on your butt for no reason and your partner starts laughing hysterically at you? Well this community is for those stories. Or have you ever done something just plain stupid? Post your stories here. We want to here your funny stories!

Okay, so now that you have the jist of what we want, join and post away. Jen and I are easily amused, and we have tons of stories to tell as well. You can consider it a BIG story time with lots of stories. They don't have to be recent, they just have to be funny.

If you have any questions talk to either Jen or myself and hopefully we can help you out.

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